Building great companies

pexels-photo-132340Giving birth to our own ideas

Participium designs its own companies from scratch. Some of the companies are based on ideas that we came across. Some might use components from other companies. We do not take over or invest in companies from other people though.

Focus on mid- and long-term value creation

Each of our companies focuses on long-term value creation. We do not favor short-term exits and hockey stick business models, but are looking into stable value creation and long-term recurring financial returns.

Scalable services that disrupt their sector

Services are a key differentiator for long-term results. Technology is a necessity to increase the services delivery quality and to enable a steady scaling up. A certain level of disruption is our trigger to be interested in the project.

With patient-money investors who we allow to co-build

Our investors share our purpose and vision. And there is more, they also have the opportunity to join our venture and co-build the companies we are creating.  Our (hidden) investor relations website keeps them updated on each of the companies.

Currently running these great companies …

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