Subsidiary Idlegcy NV launches app to make GDPR customer-oriented

idmanager signin screenIdlegcy NV is a subsidiary of Participium. Idlegcy wants to help companies to handle their customers and business relations data with respect. The company has now developed a web application to help companies manage GDPR rights: idmanager. With idmanager, anyone can manage GDPR rights centrally, instead of approaching each organization individually. The digital identity is therefore much easier to manage.

Tomorrow, 25th of May is the GDPR deadline. Dozens of companies and organizations have prepared themselves to be compliant and to protect themselves against potential claims. From tomorrow any individual can contact any company to review their data, change them or have them deleted.

That means that you have to contact all those organizations one by one… very cumbersome indeed. That is where idmanager comes in. On one overview page, idmanager shows the organizations that keep track of your data. It takes merely two clicks to clear them. The app allows you to contact the data manager in any of these companies.

The application is free for all people who want to manage their data and privacy. Companies and organizations that pay the bill of idmanager, when they connect idmanager with their IT system.

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