Serial entrepreneur Paul Indekeu on board of Participium for growth

Paul Indekeu joins Jan Lagast in the Board of Directors of company builder Participium and of all its participations. Lagast has successfully started up the organization and found an experienced colleague in Indekeu, who will help support the further growth.

Last week Participium completed a series of operations at the notary through which Paul Indekeu joins founder Jan Lagast in the board of Participium and of all companies in which it participates. Paul Indekeu joined Participium as a co-investor about a year ago. In the meantime, he has increased his contribution to 500.000 euros and was appointed managing director in Participium and its participations. Founder Jan Lagast remains chairman of the Board of Directors.

Jan = from 0 to 1, Paul = from 1 to …

Indekeu and Lagast are passionate entrepreneurs. Both started their own company early in their careers, long before the word start-up existed. In contrast to the classic start-up and VC world, they both believe in return over the medium term. No matter how similar their vision and values ​​may be, their experience and expertise is very complementary. Where Jan, a visionary, is very strong in coming up with ideas and giving them shape – from 0 to 1 – Paul Indekeu is very strong in realizing growth. He brought SoftCell at the end of last century in just 10 years from 3 to 150 employees and at the beginning of this century he was the man behind the success story of Compex. When he started there, it was a Flemish SME with 50 engineers. A few years later, it had 150 employees in 4 countries, and was subsequently noticed by Siemens. Now Indekeu will help realize growth at Participium.

Industry 4.0, GDPR, self-management and blockchain

Participium has so far created three groups of companies:

  • The first group works under the Forte brand. Forte helps technological and industrial companies to become even more relevant now that Industry 4.0 shatters their existing value chain. Forte has, among other things, an advisory branch specializing in ‘customer intimacy’, a training center for industrial sales & marketing, and a staffing company for project sales engineers and B2B marketing managers.
  • Then there is the branch IDlegcy. IDlegcy helps companies to correctly deal with the digital identity of customers and employees – even after their death. One of the companies in this branch has its own proprietary technology (patent pending) using blockchain to ensure that online accounts are correctly closed upon death. IDlegcy is now working on an app to fully comply with GDPR obligations.
  • The third branch is Funky & C °, consultancy and IT implementation support that helps companies team managers and project managers to provide the information they need to be able to deal with new organizational forms such as self-management. FunkyTime NV is the creator of tools in this branch. The last legal entity FunkyTeam NV will be established shortly for the advisory services.

In 2018 we will focus on realizing growth in these companies. Meanwhile, Indekeu and Lagast take the time to look for a new investors, faithful to the name ‘Participium’ and the logo ‘+ = x’ which implies that with some extra people, a few extra investors and a few extra projects a nice multiplier can be realized for the human and financial capital of the company.

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