Jan de Visch knows when and why self-steering will be successful (or not)

From many years of experience in changing organisational structures professor Jan De Visch from Flanders Business School has gathered a number of indicators for the success of self-steering. “If the stretch is too big, it will certainly not work, so I always recommend starting with one aspect when laying the foundation for self-management”, says De Visch. A short survey suffices to quickly assess whether your organization is ready to start with self-steering.

That was the subject of the evening session about the chances of success with regard to introducing self-management. This evening session is part of a series on self-management organized by The Argonauts. Another session on how to recruit, grow and retain self-managed employees follows 31st May. The focal point of this is a two-day bus trip in October through a number of companies that have successfully introduced self-management. Participium supports these sessions because we take the subject seriously and think about introducing self-management in our own company.

Download Jan’s presentation (Dutch pdf)